Efficient, economical and ecological cleaning of sewers is the key to your commercial success. Sewer cleaners, cleaning companies and those who own property with sewers all profit if the best tool is put to use with the highest possible efficiency. Through the enz® academy, more than 5000 participants around the world have already been successfully trained and certified in key topics: efficient sewer cleaning, ecological sewer cleaning, the optimal selection of tools in practical applications, accident prevention plus the operation and maintenance of tools.


Our training classes are targeted at end customers who work with enz® products as well as dealers who market enz® products around the world.


The following types of training are offered by the enz® academy:

  • product training
  • training for impact drilling cutters
  • in-house training

Contact details Switzerland:



+41 41 676 77 66


Contact details USA:



+1 (630) 692 7880



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